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Our clients are international institutions such as corporates, private equity funds, hedge funds and traditional asset managers.

They value our capacity to meet their demands rapidly and accurately. We help them understand today's world by identifying key trends and facts.

Our Clients

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Their opinion

CEO of a Paris-based asset manager

"We've been using Qalis' services since their inception in early 2012. We've met with many experts (political analysts, economists, researchers, business managers)  in small group or one-on-one meetings. Qalis is a provider of value-added content. We appreciate our regular contacts with the team."

Senior equity asset manager 
"We appreciate the quality of the overall service of Qalis. We have a 100% satisfaction ratio with them. They have a business sensitivity which helps them connect us with the right persons. They are not our only provider for connecting with experts but we recognise the value of Qalis in complex requests. A tailor-made service we recommend."

Qalis enhances information comprehension by facilitating connections between its clients and experts through phone consultations, one-on-one meetings, conferences, and more. Qalis, headquartered in Paris, was founded in 2011 by Romain de Boissieu, who serves as the managing partner. Alastair Newton is the President of the strategic committee. Qalis serves international institutions, including asset managers and hedge funds.”

Qalis Partners

2 rue de la Ville Neuve

75002 Paris


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