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réseau d'experts paris



Qalis offers premium access to experts from various fields and regions.
Our network is composed of professionals in both public and private sectors.

Tailor-made Services



Efficiency is crucial when running a business. Choose a conference call to get in touch with an expert without leaving your desk. A solution to gain time.



A direct contact optimises interactions and enhances understanding. Share experts' valuable experiences by talking to them face-to-face.



Conferences with high-profile speakers help you make the right strategic choices. Our clients have a privileged access to these conferences.  



Improve the profile of your teams by meeting with high-profile experts. From business understanding to team motivation, we offer smart and premium training.

Specific Reports

Increase your knowledge of a specific subject by asking one or several of our experts to write a tailor-made report for you.


Group meetings are interactive and dynamic solutions to share experiences and improve knowledge collectively. Share meetings with other clients and minimize your costs.

Qalis helps information understanding by connecting its clients with experts through phone consultations, one-on-one meetings, conferences... Qalis is based in Paris and was founded in 2011 by Romain de Boissieu (managing partner). Alastair Newton is the President of the strategic committee. Qalis serves international institutions of whom asset managers and hedge funds.

Qalis Partners

2 rue de la Ville Neuve

75002 Paris


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