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Examples of Meetings

réseau d'experts paris

Our meetings encompass a wide range of topics.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of our phone calls, meetings, and roundtable discussions.

Accounting and intangible assets

Conference call with researchers on the evolution of this practice. 


Roundtable with an aeronautics specialist for a Paris-based financial institution.



Roundtable on China's new challenges for growth with a researcher form the French Center for Scientific Research.


Conference call with an expert on growth opportunities in the sector.

Electric Vehicles (EV)

Meeting with an expert on the sector's current dynamics.


Energy Storage

Roundtable with an expert from a French energy and environment research institute.


One-on-one meeting on the German economic system.


Conference call on the country's political and economic outlook.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Meeting on the industrial application of IoT automation.

Nuclear Energy

Roundtable with an economist specialised in energy: "the future of nuclear energy".

Oil Refining

Conference call with an expert on oil refineries in France.

Online Payment

Roundtable with two experts of online payment solutions and FinTech.


One-on-one meeting with an expert on petrochemical investments in the Middle East.


Railway Industry

Conference call with a former executive of a railway component supplier.


Sino American Relations

Conference call with a China-based expert.


Intervention of the former French manager of an international messaging company.

Qalis enhances information comprehension by facilitating connections between its clients and experts through phone consultations, one-on-one meetings, conferences, and more. Qalis, headquartered in Paris, was founded in 2011 by Romain de Boissieu, who serves as the managing partner. Alastair Newton is the President of the strategic committee. Qalis serves international institutions, including asset managers and hedge funds.”

Qalis Partners

2 rue de la Ville Neuve

75002 Paris


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