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We connect our clients with experts through phone consultations, one-on-one meetings, roundtables, conferences, and trainings.

In-depth Knowledge

Our services provide insights into countries and sectors. By connecting our clients with experts, we help them improve their information understanding and develop their knowledge base. We firmly believe that meeting with an expert is more efficient than reading a 50-page report.




Our independence is crucial when bringing our clients together with experts. Our approach ensures premium and customized solutions. Our rates are attractive: our clients choose between periodical subscriptions or pay-as-you-go mechanisms. 

They trust us

Our Clients

We work with international institutions of whom corporates, private equity funds, hedge funds, traditional asset managers. Our clients value our tailor-made approach and our reactivity.

Qalis Team


Coming from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, our team shares the belief in tailor-made solutions. Based in Paris, Brussels and in Africa, the Qalis team supports clients in rolling out their businesses to performance and growth.


2 rue de la Ville Neuve

75002 Paris

Qalis helps information understanding by connecting its clients with experts through phone consultations, one-on-one meetings, conferences... Qalis is based in Paris and was founded in 2011 by Romain de Boissieu (managing partner). Alastair Newton is the President of the strategic committee. Qalis serves international institutions of whom asset managers and hedge funds.

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